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You have come to the right place if your field of interest is related to the dynamic behaviour of materials with aspects such as experimental techniques, constitutive modeling, micro-structural effects, numerical simulations.

The dynamic behaviour of materials is relevant in multiple applications such as crashworthiness in transport including cars, trains, boats and airplanes; terminal ballistics related to defence, shielding of satellites, of turbine blades and discs; blast effects due to industrial explosions, terrorist attacks; material processing such as high speed shaping of metals.

The principal aim of the DYMAT Association is to bring together engineers and scientists from all nations working in these fields. For this purpose, every three years the DYMAT Association organizes an International Conference (since 1985). We also encourage the holding of technical meetings, seminars, training courses, student camps.

The DYMAT Association endeavours to strengthen or to develop the connections with other scientific associations involved in similar fields of research.

We invite you to visit our web-site, get to know our Association and become an active member of it.

11th International
DYMAT Conference

September 7 - 11, 2015
Lugano, Switzerland

DYMAT Hopkinson Centenary Conference

Commemorate the ground-breaking invention of
Bertram Hopkinson with DYMAT Cambridge, UK
September 9 – 11, 2014







End of February Don CURRAN, DYMAT honorary member and John S. Rinehart Award recipient, passed away.
As many of you know, Don was an outstanding scientist in the dynamic fracture field, present in each DYMAT Conference as long as he was able to attend these conferences. He received many of us in his lab at SRI International for visits or sabbatical years. 

Don's long time colleague and friend Don Shockey wrote the attached obituary

DYMAT will keep the memory of Don Curran as a brilliant scientist and a wonderful person.